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Friday, November 20, 2015
Written by Thomas Beck, Spirit News

The Front Street Cafe at 1253 N. Front Street has extended its business hours from 6 AM to midnight, Monday through Thursday, and from 6 AM ? 2 AM, Friday and Saturday. The Fishtown establishment ? nestled between the surrounding areas of South Kensington and Northern Liberties ? has become a hot place for the locals to gather.

Developer Lee Larkin, along with his partner Nicole Barclay, who owns the restaurant, aims to better accommodate all types of dietary regimens. He has encountered many prospective restaurant owners who do not take the necessary steps to conform with the nutritional needs of their customers. The menu at the Front Street Cafe offers?vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals, as well as various kinds of platters for the avid meat-lovers accompanied by associated images of chickens, fish, cows and pigs.

There are juice and coffee bars by the entrance to the establishment. Alcohol is served on the other side of the wall with ample room for patrons to socialize. Tables are located downstairs and in the back, by which is a second bar. The second-floor dining area (equipped with free Wi-Fi) has been specifically designed for professional rendezvouses and those who hope to finish up work assignments. The owners encourage their patrons to stay and hang out.

The Front Street Cafe enjoins everyone to come out and have a good time ? day or night!

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