December 20th, 2015

Written By Danielle Nick | FSC

?Fresh + Friendly + Philadelphia? defines the very ??essence of Front Street Cafe. This slogan is displayed in the center of our website?s home page because it is something we are proud of. To us, these words are a way of life ? a motto describing our commitment to healthy living and sustainability. This entails providing our guests with a beautiful dining experience, where nutritious tastes delicious. In order to accomplish our mission, we partnered up with another sustainable-minded company, Riverwards Produce.

Vincent Finazzo and John Fasano founded Riverwards Produce in July. Their idea was simple – to create a way to connect local farmers to talented chefs in the Philadelphia area. In September, Melissa Komar from the Star, visited Finazzo and Fasano to uncover how the duo accomplishes their mission.

During her visit, Komar learned about Finazzo and Fasano?s demanding work schedule. The partners begin their days at 3:30 a.m. and do not stop until around noon. They are busy organizing their orders, purchasing local produce, and making deliveries to various restaurants and bars.

Currently, Riverwards is based out of one truck, but Finazzo and Fasano hope their business will expand.

?Ultimately, Finazzo and Fasano would like to see the business continue to grow and secure a location reminiscent of an Italian Market food stand, enabling them to sell produce quickly and inexpensively,? Komar said.

Komar even had the chance to speak with Front Street Cafe?s very own Sous Chef, Chris Rubinstein. Since the kitchen has opened, Rubinstein has enjoyed working with Riverwards.

?It?s really a standard produce company,? Rubinstein said, ?but what?s cool about [Riverwards] is they?re working with a lot of local farmers and purveyors and they let me know what the farmers have. If I have any issues, I can text them directly.?

Everyone at the Cafe is thrilled to be working with Riverwards Produce, a company that shares the same core values as us. Finazzo and Fasano believe in a farm-to-table dining experience, and because of their commitment and innovation, Front Street Cafe is able to provide Philadelphians just that.

For more information please visit, or call 267-603-8596. To see all of the fresh produce that Finazzo and Fasano purchase, please follow them on Instagram @riverwardsproduce.

To read Melissa Komar?s article please visit,

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